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Role of a School Counselor

Your school counselor is a licensed educator who improves helps all students by supporting with
academic achievement, helping students to manage their emotions and learn interpersonal skills, and to
help students plan for postsecondary options (ASCA).

A school counselor must:
 Hold a master’s degree in school counseling
 Meet state certification and licensure standards
 Meet continuing education requirements
 Uphold ASCA professional and ethical standards

Appropriate school counselor duties include:
 Goal setting
 Academic planning
 Social Emotional Learning
 Short-term individual counseling
 Referrals for long-term support
 Collaborate with stakeholders for student success (families, teachers, administrators,
 Advocate for students
 Data analysis to identify students challenges, needs and issues
 Advocate for systems change to improve equity, access, achievement and opportunities for all
students (ASCA).

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